Straw Art

Hi, My name is Cesar Carbajal and i’m the third generation of my family doing this kind of artwork. I have been doing this artwork for most of my life. All of the paintings are made with natural products including beeswax and straw.



This is an art the most people who have traveled around the world and been in different art shows have never seen.  People get surprise when they see my art.

This art is more than a painting to me, in 2013 i got seriously sick when my kidney failed. The doctors put me on dialysis, I suffered from depression but by doing my straw painting, I discovered that this helped me a lot mentally. In 2014 thank-god and generosity of a friend I received my kidney transplant and I’m doing good now.

This art  means a lot to me because it is traditional family artwork and it helped me to keep my mind busy when  I was depressed and sick. I put a thin layer of BeesWax all over the paper and then i draw my desing whit the straw.

I been selling my straw paintings in museums, hospitals, hotels and art shows, now i would like to show my artwork in different parts of the world.