Popotillo Origins

Since the Pre-Hispanic era diverse materials have been utilized to paint without paint. An example of this is called Straw Mosaic Painting. The Straw Mosaic Painting is a species of straw that is washed and dried in the sun,once dried it obtains a yellowish color, afterwards, it is stained with diverse colors, this results in long sticks of different colors.

The use of this technique has passed from generation to generation, normally this work would pass from father to son, and it would become a way to maintain the family.

The grass is first hand-dyed. Before European contact, exclusively natural dyes were used and the straw was soaked in aguamiel or agave juice. 

Then the artist draws a design, which is then covered by a fine layer of “cera de Campeche,” a special type of beeswax. The straw is then cut down to workable sizes, sometimes as fine as a single millimeter in length. The artist then carefully presses the pieces of straw into the beeswax. When the design is finished, a fixative is applied to protect the finished work.